Top Five Travel Tuesdays

Top Five Travel Tuesdays

I’m starting a new series on this blog called “Top Five Travel Tuesdays”.

I’ve had this idea for a while, as a way for my readers to have a helpful series they can count on. And with the busy travel season about to descend on us from now until the end of the year, it’s a great time to start.

Why five? It’s an easy number to remember, even though my original idea was “ten” (I’m a writer so I like alliteration–“Top Ten Travel Tuesdays”—I even had the word ‘terrific’ in there at one point but realized that was a bit overkill). But five items is much less overwhelming to remember, look up, and make note of.

The premise is that I will list 5 items on some sort of travel topic. These topics are some I feel are relevant to family travel, and as always, I HIGHLY welcome and honor any suggestions and recommendations from you!

Now, I do realize that my blog is called “Mommying in Airplane Mode”, and I do recognize that not all of us (myself included) are in airplane mode all the time—real scheduled and structured lives and all. However we do all travel with our kids at some point, which is probably how and why you ended up on this blog (as always, welcome aboard!).

With all this being said, my first “Top Five Travel Tuesday” is about

5 Ways My Blog is Beneficial

  1. We’ve traveled enough with the kids by now that I’ve become somewhat of an expert: I can set up a Cares harness on a flight in 87 seconds—for two kids. I know that Starbucks is the best place to find ‘child-temperature’ milk in airports for your baby, and can tell you my trick of mixing it with cold milk so that onboard it was just warm enough that my babies went right to sleep. I can fold a stroller, pull out Ipads, cell-phones, toss water bottles, wrestle dolls, stuffed animals, two kids (and a husband), all while happily pushing our bags down the conveyor belt of security in way that’s still TSA approved. And I’m more than happy and willing to show you how as well.
  2. You would be hard-pressed to find a local source who knows Disney and Disney travel better than I do. Seriously, who are they? I challenge them to a Disney karaoke contest.
  3. I’m the real-deal when it comes to #momlife and very genuine. And if we ever have the pleasure of meeting in real life you will discover this about me very fast. I make plenty of mistakes and always own up to them—that’s how this blog even has content to begin with. I present to you our own mistakes and how we perfected them along the way. I’m so real and genuine in fact, that my unflattering, but real-life, photo above is of a RARE moment of me finally sleeping on a long flight during the 25 minutes that both my kids actually were. My husband took this picture without me knowing. Not really sure what he planned to do with it. Blackmail perhaps? Save it for a rainy day? Who knows. In any case, he gave it up, laughingly of course, and now I’m sharing with all of you. Mommying in Airplane Mode, folks.
  4. I LOVE sharing (and receiving!) product recommendations, and that’s what you can count on here. I’ll not only tell you HOW I use a travel/family friendly product, but give you any hacks I discovered along the way, and WHERE you can find it. Sharing is caring, friends.
  5. Remember, just because information isn’t relevant to you TODAY, it might be in the near future, you might learn something you can use later on, or you might know someone who needs this information. To that effect, you can always tag, share, screenshot, save, and/or bookmark something for later. Which is what I do when something interests me.

See you on here every Tuesday! (or every other sometimes—remember, real structured lives and all.)

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