Five Items I Bring in My Travel Sanitary Essentials Kit

Five Items I Bring in My Travel Sanitary Essentials Kit

I recently watched a video with 3 Flight Attendants who dished on all things cleanliness when it comes to air travel. Unfortunately their responses were less than promising, stating that airplanes aren’t the cleanest and most sanitary places germ-wise. I kind of already subconsciously knew that airplanes can’t possibly become spotless in under 20 minutes sometimes when there are such short turnover times between flights. Knowing this I do try and sanitize my kids’ chairs and tray tables as well as possible (and the safety cards––they love to read those).

The link to the video is above, and is very eye-opening and includes a viral clip of Supermodel Naomi Campbell cleaning each surface of her airplane seat from top-to-bottom. Good job Naomi, she knows what’s up.

One of the flight attendants gave us an insider look in his Travel Essentials Kit––a kit he brings along on every flight. As a mom I have many Travel Essentials Kits, always packed and ready to go in our carry-ons: one for my essentials, one for my kids essential, one for “emergency” essentials, and one for “sanitary essentials”––which is the one I’ll be focusing on today in this post.

This “sanitary essentials” kit isn’t simply just for air travel though, I actually keep a bunch of these around my house for when we go out, in the car, in my purse, in strollers, when we have field trips, outdoor outings, etc, etc. the list for this kit goes on and on. (Seriously, this little kit saved me once at a City Carnival. I’d never taken my kids into a porta potty before and holy moly, let’s just say I was SO glad to have had this kit. And so was everyone else we were with that day.)

It’s basically a Ziploc bag filled with things I might need in case of “sticky” situations (pun intended) where I feel I could use some germ-cleansing help. And this is why I use a Ziploc bag instead of a hard or cloth case, since sometimes I bring this into bathrooms, so I can just toss the bag when I feel it’s become germy and grab a clean one as needed.

What are my Top 5 Travel Sanitary Essentials?

It’s worth noting that these are travel sizes of these items to make them travel friendly, obviously, and compact for carrying. They all also meet TSA security guidelines. Amazon Link* to purchase each item is included, if needed, although most can be found at any major retailer like Target, Walmart, etc. Though I do find Amazon to be the cheapest as you can buy these items in bulk.

My Travel Sanitary Essentials Kit

This photo is my actual Travel Essentials Kit, pulled out of my carry-on luggage 10 minutes ago, hence the crumbled looking Ziploc bag that’s getting swapped out for a clean one after I’m done writing this.

Where do I keep this kit once I board the flight? Right in the seat pocket in front of me. This way I don’t have to search in my bag when I need anything from it (and with kids that’s usually at a seconds-notice).

  1. Disinfecting Surface Wipes: a wipe that can clean hard surfaces such as tray tables, leather seats, handles, remote controls, (safety cards), etc.

  2. Pack of tissues: An absolute necessity for so many reasons, but mainly because mine and my kids sinuses tend to flare up during air travel.

  3. Hand Sanitizing Wipes/Liquid Sanitizer: Yes, this is technically 2 items, but I’m lumping them together because they essentially do the same thing. Though I always carry both because I like to use both.

  4. Toilet Seat Covers: If there’s only one item you take away from this entire post, let this be it. This entire pack of 10 covers is smaller and thinner than a wallet and has saved me on soo many occasions. Public Restrooms are the most notorious places for germs, so I always like to carry these to avoid those germs as best as possible.

  5. Small Disposable Waste/Trash Bags: This is something I first started carrying around when I had babies and then realized what a miracle they were to motherhood in general, and especially to travel. I pull one of these out at the beginning of the flight, poke a hole at the top with my finger, and hang it on on the seat-back packet in front of me. This is now our trash bag for our flight (kids generate a lot of garbage. Truly no pun intended). At the end of the flight instead of handing the flight attendant 20 pieces of garbage all crumbled together, I hand them the bag neatly tied up. I’ve had a few flight attendants appreciate this. And I always appreciate the neat floor in front of me that isn’t covered with my kids trash. And I’m sure so does everyone else.

Do you have any suggestions from you own Travel Sanitary Essentials Kit or anything I should add to mine? Let us know in the comments section of this page!

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