These are the Headphones You Want for Your Kids

These are the Headphones You Want for Your Kids

So you already know my kids use Amazon Freetime Unlimited and watch Disney Plus on their tablets. But how do they listen to it? With these headphones above.

Would you believe that these* headphones pictured above are almost 3 years old? Not a bad purchase indeed for only $26.95.

These headphones have been on every single flight, road trip, some restaurants, they’ve done homework with my kids, helped them on computer games, and been used with their Leapfrog Readers. These little headphones are a powerhouse (though their noise level isn’t). And your kids need them too.

  1. They’re inexpensive. Look, I’m all about one day buying the expensive gadgets for my kids. But for now, I’ll save the expensive gadgets for us adults and buy my kids the cheaper ones. Why? Because I’m a grown up and I can. Kids drop things. They break things. Their favorite color changes daily. So I’m not going to buy them $100.00 headphones while praying they don’t break them on this trip, before our next one. These headphones look like their higher-end counterparts but at only a mere fraction of the cost—a fact my wallet and conscience can feel good about if they do get broken.
  2. Which brings me to this next point, They are super durable. The inside is made up a highly durable metal that’s totally kid-tested (kid-handled, really), mother-approved; while the outside is covered in a smooth and soft polycarbonate for ultimate comfort. Because of this, they’ve held up through the many many times my kids have dropped them, shoved in airplane seats, or stuck items on top of them in their carry-on bags.
  3. They’re foldable. This is perhaps my favorite part (okay, my second. My actual favorite is coming up next). It’s so easy to store these and pop into carry-on bags or small backpacks as they fold into their little drawstring bag.
  4. They’re noise-limiting. You don’t have to worry about your littles’ hurting their poor little ears while using these.
  5. They’re shareable! This means that if you have two kids who want to share the same device they can plug 2 cords in on either side so that kid number 2 can listen to the same thing kid number 1 is on their own set. This can be a lifesaver sometimes, especially with siblings who bicker often like my little lovelies do.
  6. Ok, so I’m cheating a little by adding a number 6 to my Top Five Travel Tuesday. But it is my blog, so if you don’t like it then go to tell the boss. Oh wait, that’s…. 🙂 A portion of the proceeds from this* kind of headphones goes to anti-bullying campaigns and prevention! Well if that’s not reason enough to purchase then I don’t know what is.

*Denotes affiliate link to purchase. Please see Terms and Conditions for information on affiliate links.

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