The Stroller that Fits in a Small Suitcase

The Stroller that Fits in a Small Suitcase

No, that’s not a typo. I’ve mentioned this GB Pockit stroller many times before and why I think its the best one to travel with (easy to maneuver, easy to store, fits in overhead bin on plane AND underneath airplane seat in front of you if ever overhead space is limited), but those reasons just got even better. If you don’t want to use it at the airport but do want to use at your destination, it fits in a suitcase.

When I popped it in our suitcase on our last trip I had one of those “I’m done, I’m actually done, this thing fits into a suitcase, I’m legit never buying another stroller as long as I live” type moments. I even threw up my hands to nobody in particular since I was alone at home. That’s how done with stroller shopping and “Hallelujah I’m Saved” I felt by this stroller.

This was the first trip my daughter walked in the airport (we practiced following directions while holding Mom and Dad’s hand at the mall a bit before that) but I knew I wanted it when I landed at our destination, so I kept thinking what to do, what to do? Since it’s so tiny I didn’t want to hand it to them at the gate only for them to possibly mishandle and break it (we’ve had that happen before) so I knew I wanted to check it in. Since I was planning on bringing another bag anyway I decided let me pop it in there, and sure enough, the teeny-tiny thing fit! But before deciding on that luggage I had thought to bring our small carry-on, and the darn thing fit in there too with room to spare! I was slightly shook. Links to purchase below.

Amazon link to stroller*

Buy Buy Baby Link (If you have a coupon to Buy Buy Baby or Bed Bath and Beyond it will work!)

Link to another blog post I wrote about travel strollers.

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