Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Today’s not the only day to be thankful,
for we should always be.  
But since it’s designated,
I’ll share what’s dear to me. 
I’m thankful for my parents 
who helped me grow and thrive. 
And for my 3 siblings 
who keep the fun alive. 
I’m thankful for the food we share,
always fresh and warm. 
And the fact that we have shelter,
kept safe away from storms. 
I’m thankful for my schooling, 
without which I’d be naught,
where I learned to hone my writing, 
and carry on what I was taught.
I’m thankful for this platform 
where I speak to many faces,
for all your kind words, “likes”, and comments
that take my heart to such warm places. 
I’m thankful we can travel 
often with our girls,
where they can learn by doing
what others do around the world. 
I’m thankful for my babysitter(s) 
who help me keep my sanity. 
And for my cup(s) of coffee
that mask my fatigue to humanity.    
But most of all 
I’m thankful
for my family, 
three incredible people 
who put the sparkle in my life. 
Who give me 
a sense of fulfillment
with the titles of “mom” and “wife”. 
I’m thankful 
more than anything
for the moments we cuddle and laugh. 
Yes, nothing is as valuable 
as these two tiny pirates above
and my other half. 

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