Some Pretty Awesome Lightweight/Travel Strollers 2019

Some Pretty Awesome Lightweight/Travel Strollers  2019

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Why are some strollers so heavy?
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They’re so much more than I can carry.
I keep dragging them round, they’re bringing me down.
If I find a lighter one I’ll be set free.
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Why are some strollers so heavy?

I’m not embarassed to say that I’ve bought and tried quite a few strollers over the years. It comes with the territory of parenting. Strollers are like cars—test driving once (around the store in this case) isn’t enough, you have to test them out a couple times and in different settings to see if it’s the one for you. But when you find the perfect lightweight stroller—oh boy, it’s like a match made in heaven.

Personally, I’ve found my lightweight stroller matches—both in a single and double. But more on that in a minute.

First I want to talk about why it’s important to find a lightweight stroller. The most important reason is for travel—nobody wants to be dragging around 4 suitcases, a car seat, and a 35 pound stroller through an airport or at their intended destination (it will bring you down—pun intended). I believe that traveling should be an easier extension of your current life, (hence the reason for starting this blog in the first place) and therefore you should bring things that make your trip easier. Case in point—bring a lightweight stroller.

Another reason to have a lightweight stroller is for everyday use. I have my favorite “heavier” stroller (a story for another day). Although it’s since been replaced by the lightweight stroller in my trunk. My theory is that if I can save space in my trunk for all the other lovely items my children need (like TWO umbrellas for Mira because she can’t decide which day she’d like to use Elsa and which day she’d like to use the ladybug one) I’d rather do that. Plus lightweight strollers are simply easier to maneuver in everyday life through restaurant tables, doorways, soccer bleachers, crowded sidewalks, etc. Case in point—find your favorite lightweight stroller.

To help you along on this mission, if you don’t already have one, I’ve compiled a list below of some favorite lightweight strollers of mine and friends/family and some I found during my research that checks off all the boxes. Each stroller name also has an easy Amazon link* to purchase if interested. It’s also worth noting that I didn’t list an actual price/stroller as prices do change often and vary per retailer.

Do you have any lightweight/travel stroller suggestions you would like to make? Let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • Single Strollers:
    • GB Pockit:
      • Weighs only 9 pounds and can hold kids up to 55 pounds. The first truly compact stroller, it won the Guinness World Record for the World’s Most Compact Stroller in 2014 as it can actually be folded to fit inside a tote bag, or overhead bin!
      • The latter is my favorite reason for it’s existence as I haven’t checked in a stroller at the airport in over 2 years. I’ve even walked my daughter onto the plane still in this stroller, down the aisle, folded it at our seats, and stored it up away in the overhead bin. It’s the stroller I’m asked the most about, both by friends and strangers alike (when they see me fold it), and the one I recommend most.
      • Another cool thing about this stroller is if you’re ever on a flight and there’s no more room in the overhead bin—when folded compactly it’s tiny enough that it can also fit under the seat in front of you.
      • The drawbacks to this stroller however also have to do with it’s compact ability: the umbrella size and bottom basket are both small, and the seat doesn’t recline fully so it’s only good for seated babies 10 months and up. The newer model GB Pockit Plus, however, resolved these issues and offers a larger basket and flat seat recline with a large umbrella. For any Infants-10 months of age I would recommend the GB Pockit Plus.
      • Similar: GB Pockit Plus, Delta Clutch (won CNN award), GB Qbit LTE (my friend who travels often uses this one and LOVES it!) Any of these mentioned above are also the best for air travel.
    • Summer Infant 3dlite Plus:
      • The older model of this one was the stroller I used before the GB Pockit. Weighs 14 pounds and can hold kids up to 110 pounds! That’s pretty awesome as it means it can grow with your kid well beyond the toddler/preschool years.
      • The other cool thing about this stroller is the fact that it has a carrying strap making it easy to carry when not in use. It also has a large basket on the bottom which I always appreciated.
      • The biggest drawback to this stroller is the fact that it can’t be folded down but only flat, meaning that it isn’t compact like the ones above. But it’s ease of use, lower cost, and all-around capabilities make it a top contender (and bestseller) in the lightweight stroller world.
      • Similar: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight , Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight
    • Mountain Buggy Nano:
      • While I have never personally used this stroller I’ve seen it around, tested it, and it always stood out to me. I even almost bought it. What intrigued me the most is the fact that it’s newborn ready.
      • Weighing in at 14 pounds it has the capacity to hold babies as little as 4 pounds and up to 44 pounds (less than the others above).
      • The best part about this stroller? You can customize it as an infant travel system, meaning you can attach your car seat to it. This is great for everyday as well as for travel as you can pop your baby’s car seat from stroller to airplane seat. You are also able to purchase a newborn bassinet attachment if needed.
      • True to it’s name it is an all terrain stroller, and I can tell you personally from the times I’ve tested it, the ease and smoothness of movement of the wheels were great. Additionally, it has a “curb hop” feature, which will only make sense if you’re a veteran parent who’s had to ask someone to help them lift their stroller up/down a sidewalk curb—kind of annoying, so it’s a nice to feature to have.
      • Similar: Babyzen Yoyo+ , Baby Jogger City Tour
  • Double Strollers:
    • Joovy Caboose Ultralight:
      • Believe it or not this double stroller weighs only 22 pounds and has the capacity to carry a combined weight of 90 pounds!
      • This is the first double travel stroller I bought and is now the stroller I use when I need one for both kids. It grows so well that my tall 6 year old can still comfortably fit in it as it has the capacity to be used with a seat in the back or the bottom cushion only (kind of like a stool chair), or kids can stand on the back kickstand. I also love that the basket it comes with is HUGE (although somewhat difficult to get in and out of).
      • It can also be made into a travel system if needed which I used to do when Mira was a baby and Jenna a toddler.
      • Drawbacks: Can’t be folded compactly but only flat. Also if used with the chair for the second child in the back, they have to put their feet inside the basket.
      • Biggest pro in my opinion besides it’s “grow-with-me” option is the fact that this stroller is so slim. I’ve easily walked through tiny cruise ship hallways with two kids using this stroller with no problem, in between tables, etc.
      • Similar: Chico Bravo for Two Sit/Stand Stroller, Baby Trend Sit ‘n Stand Double
    • Baby Jogger City Tour Double:
      • A conventional looking side-by-side stroller with some unconventional features. Weighing only 24 pounds total, each side has the capacity to carry a child weighing 33 pounds.
      • It has a very compact fold considering it’s a double, and I’ve tested it out myself and can attest to how lightweight it really is.
      • True to the Baby Jogger brand (which I’m very familiar with), the wheels easily and smoothly maneuver around and can be used on all terrains.
      • Each seat can be converted to use with an in infant bassinet.
      • Drawback: there doesn’t seem to be a way to convert into a travel system to use with a car seat adapter.
      • Similar: ZOE XL 2 , Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double (Both of these strollers weigh more than the City Tour but perform similarly.)
    • Summer Infant 3D Pac CS+:
      • This stroller performs very similarly to it’s Single Stroller counterpart (mentioned above), but it’s even better in the double version. Weighing at only 23 pounds total it has the capacity to carry kids up to 50 pounds per seat.
      • It also has the capability to be transformed into a travel system to carry a car seat for an infant!
      • This stroller is also “theme park approved” with a slim width, which means it won’t bump into people, tables, or things wherever you are.
      • Similar: Joovy Twin Groove, Uppababy G-Link

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