Mothers Unite!

Mothers Unite!

There’s been a lot of “Quarantine Collages” floating around where people are gathering and creating an inspirational message on a collage board. It’s meant to be both inspirational and beautiful, and it truly is. I’ve seen so many as of late, but none geared specifically towards mothers. When I saw them all I knew I wanted to create one with as many local Mom Bloggers within my community as I could bring onboard. And we did it. And it was so beautiful and successful. (Kind of makes me emotional when I think about it. Excuse me for a second.)

There’s something just so beautiful and powerful about staring at a collage with a bunch of mothers all in one frame. You know these moms are going through the same struggles right now, the same endless days and nights, the same coffee-driven, sleep-deprived, snacking on Goldfish crackers because that’s all they manage while pouring it for their kids, worrying about every little germ, homeschooling without a teachers’ license, struggles. I can stare at this photo above all day. It brings me peace actually to know that there are others who share my same warped day-to-day lifestyle lately, they know exactly how I feel, what I’m going through, and I know this means they have my back. Mom’s Unite.

This goes for every mother looking at this photo and reading it. We’re all different in so many ways and yet right now we’re all the same. The CEO, the teacher, the stay-at-home mom, the veterinarian, the hair stylist, etc. All our days usually look different and yet “motherhood” is still the thing that binds us all. This is why Mom Blogs are still so popular and only gaining in popularity—we love to know that others share our greatest struggles and successes. And can there be any other venture so greatly combining both other than Motherhood? Nope.

It’s my hope that anyone reading this and staring at this photo above gets all the feels from it. I hope it gives you joy, comfort, and peace. Because you’re absolutely not alone. And to any mother reading this, I have a personal message for you: you absolutely got this. Yes, this is a difficult time, but we’re going to get through it together and come out smiling on the other end at the enormity of what we just tackled. But the best way to do that is to make sure that your own needs are met and your own safety and health are not compromised. You’re the greatest investment in your family’s well-being. Always remember “staying safe and healthy is the most productive thing you can do. You got this, Mama.” Sending you all lots of virtual hugs.

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