Let’s take a Virtual Disney trip—From our Living Rooms!

Let’s take a Virtual Disney trip—From our Living Rooms!

Aah this Quarantine. It’s brought up a lot of emotions—good, bad, nostalgic, wanderlust. Our wanderlust for a Disney trip grows stronger and stronger each day, but the Disney company took note and gave us some opportunities to view some of our favorite Disney travel things right from our own homes—while we eat some of our favorite Disney foods.

Sure, I’m still in Michigan and not sunny Florida, and we’re still in Quarantine. But I’ll take it. My kids loved all of these ideas, as will yours, when they can view and have some of their favorite Disney experiences right from their own cozy couch or bean bag.

Want to make the experience even better? Scroll down and make some of these yummy Disney treats to go along with it. Wearing of Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears is totally optional, but highly encouraged. 🙂

  • Watch Disney Cruise Line’s Broadway Style production of “Beauty and the Beast”. We’ve watched this onboard the Disney Dream in the Walt Disney Theater twice, and it’s amazing. Highly recommend.

  • Watch Disneyland’s “Magic Happens” Parade. We’ve also seen this LIVE before and the video doesn’t disappoint. It gets right up close and center to the Parade characters, way better than any tourist video could.

  • Ride “It’s a Small World After All” at all the Disney Parks. The cool thing about this video is it mish-moshed the ride from all the Parks into one, so it’s interesting to see the differences and theming. And again, it gets you right up close and center of the ride, so your kids will actually feel like they’re on it.

  • Make Churro Tots dipped in chocolate using the same recipe Disney Parks use.

  • Whip up Disney’s famous Dole Whip recipe they just released on their app. But I’ll make it easy so you don’t have to search for it. You’ll need 1 scoop vanilla ice cream, 4 ounces pineapple juice, and 2 cups of frozen pineapple. Blend this all together using a blender, and voila. If you really want to get fancy you could pop this into a piping or Ziploc bag, snip off the end and swirl it into a bowl or over pineapple juice for a Dole Whip Float.

  • Make “The Grey Stuff” from Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. This is a great recipe to go along with your viewing of Disney Cruise Line’s “Beauty and the Beast”.

Now excuse me while I go search my Quarantine stockpile for Oreo’s and Vanilla pudding, because that Grey Stuff is calling my name.

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