How to Fit in as the New Mom in Your Kids’ School

It’s the beginning of the school year. 

Many of my mom friends whose kids are just starting school (mainly preschool—the cutie pies) are worried about what is expected of them now that they’re finally a “school-mom”. Our convos lately have had a lot to do with pick-up and drop-off procedures, snack ideas, teacher expectations, classmate friends, crying (both child and mom—eye roll), etc. which is what inspired this post. 

Let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than being the confused mom amongst all the other pro moms who have it figured out. So to make sure that doesn’t happen I present for you a guide on how to fit in as the new mom at your kids school—making you look like such a badass all the other moms around you think you’re Martha Stewart, Michelle Obama, and Jessica Alba—all put into one.  

  1. You MUST bring a food item to share for every class event. Preferably a healthy one. Preferably vegetarian. Preferably organic. Preferably Non-GMO. Preferably soy, dairy, nut, and sugar free. 
  2. Pinterest is your holy guide. Target is your savior.
  3. When it’s your kids’ birthday make each individual student in the class labeled goody bags. This is non-negotiable. Preferably with educational items only.
  4. ANYTHING you bring in should be passed off as homemade—think WWMD (What Would Martha Do). (Pro tip: If you scrape down the name and sides of Oreos they now look “rustic”.) 
  5. Teachers should receive gifts for ALL occasions: Christmas, New Year, Eid, Hannukah, Kwanza, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, National Guacamole Day, Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (was always my personal favorite), National Thank a Mail Carrier Day, Leap Year, etc. 
  6. Volunteer for as many clubs, PTA, PTO, sports, bake sales, and class helper sessions as you possibly can. This may cut into your vacation time from work but that’s alright, there’s no vacation quite like the one spent cutting out pumpkin shapes. And remember to smile—you’re “smashingly” excited to be there. 🙂
  7. Make sure you’re at the after school pick-up lane 20 minutes early. Trust me on this one. And bring a magazine. Or your knitting kit.

I”M JUST KIDDING. Don’t buy into any of this or let it stress you out. There’s no such thing as the mom who knows everything or has it all figured out—that’s why Pinterest is so popular—we’re all constantly pinning tips and tricks to help us keep growing and evolving. 

Take it from a former elementary school teacher and seasoned mom of the after school pick-up lane—all your kids’ teacher wants is a parent who values their education enough to want to be present and attentive for the process. 

And you love your kid so half that job is already done. 

Another ¼ is don’t argue with the teacher—they also value your kid. 

And the last quarter is really, always remember, only send in nut-free snacks. 

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