Hotel Room Hacks

Hotel Room Hacks

I’ve been binge watching Cityline on Youtube lately—they have so much great and useful viewer content. A recent episode from last week is about travel hacks in hotel rooms, one of which went viral. The link to the full video is included below.

I saw the hack weeks ago when my hubby texted it to me telling me “look at this awesome hotel room hack!” I’m not sure who came up with it exactly, but it was shared by a Californian traveler named Rick Klau, and after he shared it, (he was also not sure who to credit with the original discovery), it blew up all over the internet. It’s a good one so I’m sharing it here, among others on the same episode, and some of our own we’ve discovered along the way. When you start traveling a lot you develop your own hacks that make travel so much easier. And as I always promise, mi hacks et su hacks.

  1. The hack Rick presented (and the one my hubby was so impressed with): he closed blackout curtains with a coat hanger, and voila no more sunlight peeking through in the morning. I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS especially when it wakes up my slumbering kids who I find even more adorable while they’re asleep. (photo via Rick Clau, shutterstock)

  2. Bring sanitizing wipes to clean off all door handles, phones, and remote controls. Sometimes in the chaos of unpacking or discovering the room (usually we walk in and my kids are bouncing off the walls in excitement) I forget to do this. But I’m going to make it a priority. And if you forgot to bring sanitizing wipes use either an alcohol swab from a mini First-Aid kit, or download a remote control app, or wrap the remote or phone in a shower cap from the hotel bathroom (always readily available) like this expert in Cityline did.

  3. For dry hotel room air bring a tiny travel humidifier that works with a water bottle. Thanks to Cityline again for sharing this one, as it’s one of the best hacks I’ve seen. I use a humidifier for my kids at home all the time, and this is a great way to bring a light one along that takes up very little luggage space. (Click the picture below to purchase this humidifer or similar ones on Amazon.*)

  4. Bring your own pillowcase or wrap the pillow in a towel for germ safety. This is a personal hack of my hubby’s. He absolutely cannot sleep on a hotel room pillow without wrapping it in a towel and always reminds me to do so as well as we don’t know who slept there before us. When it’s put that way it sounds so incredibly gross, and I may definitely be doing this more often.

  5. Bring a White Noise machine to help you sleep. This was also presented by Cityline but I already do myself for my kids. They cannot sleep without a music/white noise machine of some sort playing in the background and I found one once that barely weighs one pound. 2 years later and it’s still going strong. But you don’t even have to purchase one (or worry that you’ve forgotten it and make emergency on-vacation Target trips as I have before), as Cityline showed that there are downloadable apps that can play white noise continuously for kids and adults!

  6. Use hotel room laundry bags to store your own dirty laundry or bring one of my favorite items: a travel laundry hamper! The next time I travel I’m going to record a video showcasing this item with the caption “now you see it, now you don’t” because it’s amazing how lightweight and packable this actually is. It also comes in a variety of colors and has a pocket to store laundry detergent items if you plan on doing laundry on your trip (which we do sometimes).

  7. Save your hotel room key cards to use in the hotel electricity/light switches— we started doing this years ago! Most times you need a key card in the wall to do it. By saving the old ones to use you don’t have to worry about constantly pulling out your current one. Plus, it’s a nice way to look back fondly on certain trips. Sometimes I crack a smile when I see a card of a particular hotel visit that was super fun.

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