Hacks to Avoid Buying Makeup and Skincare Items Solely for Travel

Hacks to Avoid Buying Makeup and Skincare Items Solely for Travel

(And no, none of them are “take the freebies at the hotel”.)

I know this is Black Friday/Cyber Week/Holiday Shopping Blitz Season. But it’s also 2020. And many of us are looking for ways not to spend anymore money this Holiday Season than we absolutely have to, and this includes shopping for my favorite items—makeup, skincare, and travel products. However, for me, if I’m shopping for any type of makeup or skincare products for the year, I usually always buy them at this time since the sales really are so good, travel makeup/skincare included. But I’ve also found ways over the years to save myself lots of money on these items as well. Here are some travel skincare/makeup hacks that will ultimately end up saving you lots of money in the long-run:

1. Put the toiletry/skincare/makeup items you already own in smaller travel containers. These can be found in any dollar store, on Amazon in bulk, travel sections of Target and every drugstore, and they’re often discounted at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. Moving the products you already use from their larger containers to smaller ones is a much more cost-effective way to not only save money on the travel size product, since you won’t even be buying it, but use up the larger size you already own before it goes bad. An example is my favorite moisturizing primer. The larger $55.00 size takes me about 5 months to go through it. The travel size alone is $22. However one day I realized that I didn’t have to buy the travel size at all if all I had to was move some of it into a smaller travel tub that came in a set of 7 for $5.00 ultimately costing me about 70 cents!

The tub I’m referring to? That little jar of Bobbi Brown Enriched Face Base. That stuff is awesomeee, but will set you back a pretty penny. Save your coins and scoop some out of the big jar, and put it on a Dollar Store tub.

2. Use containers you already own around the house to separate. Sometimes you don’t even have to buy the travel size containers as you might already own one of the best ways to not only hold liquid products but keep them separated as well. One of the best and my favorite? Contact lens cases! Use contact lens cases to separate foundations/liquid products. And don’t be fooled by it’s small size as well—these little containers can hold a lot. To save space in my makeup bag I’ll fill one container with liquid foundation and the other with tinted moisturizer. I have taken both with me on trips, they’re in a spill-proof container, and each little container has enough product to last about a week!

Don’t be fooled by its tiny size. This little guy can hold way more foundation/moisturizer/primer than you think. You’ll probably even bring some back home with you. I know, I was shocked the first time too.

3. Use those Sephora and Ulta points and samples wisely. What do I save mine for? Mini’s and samples of some of my favorite items to travel with. I learned a long time ago not to waste those points on items I probably wont use anyway, but to save them for smaller mini’s of some of my favorite items I already use for future travels. I’ve scored freebies of my favorite hair products, makeup products, skincare products, perfumes. And it’s quite surprising how far some of these mini’s can go. Those little containers of powder and bronzer in this photo? I’ve taken them on 7 trips already (that’s more than 10 weeks of travel/continued use) and have yet to completely finish them up! And one of the best parts about this? Once you’ve finished up the actual product you’re left with the real deal brand container to pop your big-jar stuff in (If aesthetically that matters to you. Look, I’m all about the Dollar Store containers but sometimes it’s nice to feel a little bougie with the itty bitty Make Up Forever jar, k?).

That spray? Refilled it 3 times already with my favorite Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray in the large bottle.

4. Don’t throw away any of these leftover containers! Reuse them! I can’t even begin to tell you how far some of these containers have gone and for and how many years I’ve been reusing them! Pop your powder into an old sample size powder sifter container, wash out your old travel shampoo bottle and fill it with conditioner, etc.

5. I’m also just going to reiterate this point again, as it especially holds true for skincare items: since the large size of these are usually hella expensive (ahem looking at all those $60-$100 creams we all slather on our faces morning and evening), skip the travel sizes you can purchase (in most cases!) and simply move some of the product to a smaller empty container.

6. Pack cream makeup products because they can be used in multiple ways. This not only saves you space, but time getting ready, and of course money because you’re purchasing/using less products. Use eyeshadow sticks as both shadow, liner, and face highlighter. Use lipstick on both lips and cheeks, and vice-versa cheek sticks can be used on lips. Concealer can be used as foundation and foundation sticks can be used as concealer! Darker concealer sticks can also be used as both contour, bronzer, and eyeshadow! These are hacks that I always use while traveling, but also day-to-day when I want to get ready quickly (which is pretty much every day) because #momlife.

This is real life, k. I told y’all I use them daily and now they’re stained with product on the lids from my hands. I look at this as a positive sign that I’m using them up and getting my money’s worth.

7. Create a custom makeup palette from your own items. Do you remember when “Z Palettes” were released years ago? They were such a hit, and still are—especially for travel! In fact I had no need to even buy a Z Palette/Compact Palette before I started traveling often because I wanted a more compact way to bring the items I already use daily with me. The concept of a Z Palette is that you pop out of some of the powder products in your bigger palettes to create one smaller palette of only the items you need. And makeup companies are now getting the hint and making it even easier for us to do this by making the pans in palettes removable and pre-magnetized—already Z palette ready. Z palettes and similar can be found at Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon.

Pop out your favorite bronzers, powders, shadows, and blushes you already use in those 20 pan palettes and create your own custom travel palette with items you already love and know how to use often.

8. Find your perfect “nude/my lips but better” lip shade. It took me a while but I found my perfect shade: “Pillow Talk” by Charlotte tilbury. I’ve traveled before with JUST this one shade of lipstick thats my perfect shade. Because it looks so natural to my own lip color I can wear it with any eye look, goes with every outfit, and can be worn for any occasion. Saved me money buying and trying multiple lip products I’ll probably use only a handful of times and space in my travel makeup bag.

And don’t be fooled by it’s “new” appearance either. This tube itself might be new, but this is the THIRD tube of this lipstick I purchase. When I say I stopped using and traveling with other lip colors after I found this, I mean it.

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