Five Warm Family Getaways to Consider this Winter

Five Warm Family Getaways to Consider this Winter

It’s been unnaturally freezing so far this Fall. And I use the term “Fall” very loosely because while technically it’s Fall, Michigan’s climate has been behaving more like the dead of Winter.

We already set a record with our very first Snow Day of the year one week during the first few days of November, which has never happened before. The funniest thing that happened that day though was my kids telling me our wall calendar was wrong because it still said “Fall”. They were so confused! (And I don’t blame them at all.)

It’s usually during this season that we start considering getaway destinations for our family vacations in the Winter and for Spring Break. Though the prospects, considerations, and research started for us Midwesterner’s much earlier this year as we’re all ready for some warmth! I say give me all the warm weather! (And I know I’m not the only one.)

Therefore, for your easy research I present 5 Warm Family Friendly Destinations that wont break the bank, or your sanity during flight time with the kids. We’ve been to all of these destinations except one, and can therefore recommend (though we are still familiar with that one and have been trying to go there for years).

  1. Anywhere in Central or South Florida.
    • This is my top recommendation for so many reasons. There are so many family friendly places to go to. You can go to a myriad of theme parks in Orlando; beautiful beach resorts in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Naples, etc. You can easily board a cruise ship from here as there are multiple ports. And Cape Canaveral is also home to the Kennedy Space Center. We’ve been to Florida many many times now, and have barely scratched the Floridian surface.
  2. San Diego, California
    • There are many beautiful places in California, but we like San Diego for much the same reason we like Florida: the readily available theme parks that are kid-friendly, access to a ship port for easy cruise boarding, and the easy drive to a beach if wanting to stay at a beach resort. And the weather in San Diego is pretty amazing year-around.
  3. Nickelodeon Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    1. This resort is absolutely gorgeous. It’s divided in two sections with one section housing the entire Nickelodeon pool/swim area, including a Slime area with Nickelodeon characters, and another resort area that’s decorated so beautifully tropical, yet elegant. We felt like being at this resort was the best of both worlds: the kid-friendly Nick Jr. stuff our kids love with the gorgeous Caribbean resort we wanted as adults.
  4. Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico
    • An easy tropical destination location from the United States, as flight times are not too long, and there are SO many resorts to choose from. I can’t even pick just one to recommend because there really are so many—both for adults only and for families. And pricing on resorts is usually great as well, with most 4/5 Star resorts still being very, very reasonably priced.
  5. Beaches Resort, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
    • This is the one we’ve never personally been to—yet. But we’ve been looking to travel here for years, and even almost booked it twice before, but then cancelled because our Disney loving children refused to go anywhere but on a Disney Cruise. So on the back burner it stays. But not too far in the back, because it is always one of our top destination considerations. We’ve stayed with this company before during our Honeymoon in Saint Lucia, at Sandals, their adults-only resort, so we are familiar with them, and liked it a lot. And we’ve read and watched many positive reviews about this resort over the years, which all had great things to say about their kids activities, including the Sesame Street theming throughout.

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