Favorite Travel and Disney Amazon Products for Prime Day 2020

Prime Day 2020 is practically here, and the deals just keeping rollin in—not just from Amazon but from other companies as well, as they compete with Amazon.

Some of the absolute best travel item deals I’ve ever scored was during Amazon Prime Day week! We’re talking 50 percent off some items that are normally much higher priced, and rarely go on such good sale.

Though most of us aren’t traveling today, and are still on the fence about whether or not to even travel this year at all, I firmly believe that when a sale is too good it needs to be taken advantage of. And I say this from experience because I’ve had the thought before of “Oh, I don’t need it today and won’t need that for 6 months, and then 6 months later I’m kicking myself for simply not buying it when it was on major sale and then storing it for future use.

This is also the best time to score deals on gift and kids items you and your kids might have been eyeing. But the biggest thing to note is it’s not just Amazon dealing out the sales this week, but other retailers who are also competing with them. So it’s always worth checking the actual retailer/brand site for an item that Amazon has on sale to see if maybe it’s a little bit cheaper. And sometimes it definitely is. I check both and usually go with the cheaper and/or whoever gives me free shipping/returns because oftentimes it’s the shipping cost that’ll get you.

Below I’ve compiled a list of our favorite items that we love and use from retailers that are on major sale this week because of Amazon Prime Day. Most are travel and Disney related, since that’s my blog focus, but I’ve also included a few that are family/mom related since that’s my Rana/life focus. 🙂

Simply click on a product photo or name and it will take you right to the shopping link. Happy saving!

Travel Items:

AirPods Pro Wireless Headphones*: on sale for $199 with free shipping. That’s 50 dollars off retail and you still save money on shipping! These are your one-stop shop for both wireless and noise-canceling ear pod headphones. We’ve been using these for a while and we think Apple knocked it out of the park with these!

Cowin E7 Headphones*: $47.99. Another noise-canceling headphone favorite comparable to the much more expensive brands. My husband and I have each had this pair for years, and they’re still going strong. These are great for when you want true noise-canceling on a flight and/or want to connect your headphones to the screen. Though I do have to say we appreciate the compactness of the Apple Air Pods, especially now that they’re also noise-canceling.

Sony Wireless Headphones: $88.00, down from $199! But if you prefer the more expensive headphones, this Sony pair is a STEAL today!

Ebags Motherlode Backpack*: $49.99. Ebags is one of our favorite travel brands, as they make some of the most amazingly reliable stuff for travel. This specific backpack is our favorite carry-on backpack ever, especially my husband’s personal favorite! It’s like a mini-luggage that’s so perfectly organized, and even opens up widthwise just like a carry-on but can still open up lengthwise and carry like a backpack. The configurations and design of this backpack are truly superb and genius, and it’s no wonder it consistently gets almost all 5-star reviews, including from us.

Ebags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack*: $39.99. For when you need a smaller carry-on backpack that can also keep your laptop and all your tech accessories nice and organized. Plus it fits so nicely underneath the plane seat, and all that tech organization equals less searching at security.

Packing Cubes*: $11.10. A must-have item in our luggage that helps us stay organized, and especially helps me keep our things separated and easy to find when packing for multiple people at one time. Read my tips/tricks on packing cubes here.

Travel Bag: $12.79. Most people use these travel bags for makeup (it’s original intended use, hehehe) but I find it’s best to use for MEDICINE while traveling!! This thing has been a lifesaver while traveling, and helps keep our medicine and first-aid items stored properly, organized, and protected with it’s hard-side case. And at this price, it’s unbeatable!

Ipad Keyboard: $51.99 I LOVE this Ipad Keyboard case, even better than anything I’ve ever found at the Apple store. It turns my Ipad into a legitimate laptop with a full working color keyboard (that even lights up in multicolor!), as well as a computer/movie screen so I no longer have to travel with both my laptop and Ipad. (I always prefer traveling with the smaller item.) It’s worth noting that only the Navy color is a Prime Sale deal as of right now, but if you prefer a different color check back and see if the product has updated to include all the colors. I have the black—but am eying the pink. 🙂

Disney Items:

Disney Frozen Learning Watch*: $16.87. I actually just placed an order for two of these for my daughters, and I can’t wait to gift it to them! My eldest daughter has been asking me for a new watch for a while, and I’ve been wanting one that can help her learn to tell time accurately. This one has the minutes listed and the hour and minute hands are listed. Plus it’s Frozen…this will basically become a prized possession for her that I practically paid nothing for. #winning #sheslearning #feelinglikesupermomma

The Mickey Mouse* version of the Frozen watch above.

Disney Dress Up Trunk*: $34.99. Okay, I honestly don’t know if this is a Prime Deal or not, but the price was way too good not to share, especially if you have a Princess loving girl in your life. Just imagine her opening up this treasure chest filled with 4 princess dresses and accessories on her birthday or Christmas morning!

Frozen 2 Bedsheet Set*: $41.99. My girls each love sleeping on their Disney bedsheets, it makes going to bed that much more special, and sometimes it even makes them more willing!

Family/Kid Home and Travel Items:

Amazon Fire Tablet 8: $79.99. Our favorite tablet for our kids that we’ve been using for years. Truly cannot recommend this kid-proof tablet enough that also happens to be Amazon’s Deal of the Day today!

Fun n Fly Kids Travel Tray*: $17.42 (with coupon). We love this for air travel and I highly recommend it! It folds so nicely and compactly when not in use, and when needed it can easily be pulled out to house your kids tablets, crayons, toys, and accessories in a clean safe space that also doubles as a keep all so you don’t have to bend and pick up lost items off the airplane floor. Trust me, if you fly with your kids, you need this!

Road Trip/On the Go Kids Tray*: I cannot praise this thing enough, they even live in the trunk of my car now! They’ve saved me (and my car) on road trips, long car rides, and the inevitable complaints of boredom from my kids. They keep their messes on the tray, crayons in the compartment where they need to be, food can easily be wiped down if needed, etc. And the coolest part is that the car-seat strap that can attach around their lap in the car can also be a carrying case if you ever need to bring it into a restaurant, doctor’s office, soccer practice, etc. Truly, if there’s one item you buy from every kid thing I’ve mentioned today, let this be it!!

Kids Travel Neck Pillow*: $7.99. I use these both for air and car travel!

Bentgo Kids Lunch Box*: $17.99. This is my favorite lunchbox for my kids that I’ve found so far. I’ve been using it since my daughter was 3 and in preschool, and still swear by it! I have an entire blog post here explaining how I use it, with some tips and hacks that I picked up over time that make it even more easy and convenient. There’s also a bigger one with different configurations if your kids are older, or even for adult use!

Stroller Organizer*: $15.99. This stroller organizer is universal and fits on multiple stroller brand handles. A must if you don’t already have one to store drinks, money, cell-phone, etc.

Homedics Baby Sound Spa*: $24.99. This is the sound machine I always used for my kids as babies/toddlers (and quite honestly, still use the lullaby music for them today as they love to hear the music as they sleep.

Homedics Travel Sound Machine*: $9.99. And if you’re looking for the travel/portable version of it to take along on vacations/overnight trips, I’ve loved this one for years! My kids still use it to this day when we travel, and it helps this momma put her kiddos to bed sooner after a long adventure day. #winning

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