The 411 on this Blog

The 411 on this Blog

Im a parent just like you. Being real, parenting is hard. And exhausting. On a normal day. And then we decide to add chaos to an already chaotic situation and travel with our kids. A guide is not only helpful, it’s necessary.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been traveling with my family for a while now. I got this “by land or sea” thing down pat. (As I proudly pat myself on the back.) Getting my kids to go to bed when I ask on the other hand—still a work in progress. (Any suggestions are highly welcomed.)

But I wasn’t always confident about traveling with my kids. Once upon a time, the fear of leaving the comfort zone of my home abound with all the things my babies could need stopped me from traveling with them at all, and thus showing them the world. But with practice, (and a few travel failures) that ultimately led to travel success (#winning #feelinglikeatotalsupermom), I made the jump from that mom to one who now plans on taking child #3 (whenever said child makes their appearance one day) on vacation at 6 months old (if I even wait that long).

When I finally did start traveling with my family I did a ton of research. But could not find any local mommy sources. So many times I’d wish there was a local source I could turn to who can tell me what it’s like to travel with my kids: where could I go that’s kid friendly? What do I pack? Do I bring the same things for long-haul flights as short ones? How do you even get kids to sit on a long-haul flight? How do I pack everything but the kitchen sink and still leave room for my own things? What happens if my kid gets sick? Where could I find diet-restricted food, like halal, kosher, and allergen-friendly, if necessary? And let’s not even get started on picking a hotel in Disney World (I easily spent 2 weeks researching that one the first time around.)

When no such local source was available, I turned to my other trusty research method: Google. (I’m not knocking Google at all; maybe it’s how you ended up here. If so, praise Google and welcome aboard!)

My goal with this blog is to to pass on any information, tips, and tricks I’ve come across on my own parenting journey. So that you, too, could pat yourself on the back after returning from yet another successful adventure with your kids that you deem (I swear it really is possible!) fun! Within this blog you will find all types of family travel related content: from vacation resort reviews and suggestions, family travel product reviews, Disney related content, helpful packing tips, safety tips when traveling, etc.

As this is also a lifestyle blog I do present many facets of my own life as a mother, wife, writer, and teacher, all woven together to create the Rana Makki I’ve become in real-life, and within these pages.

I always welcome and look forward to any comments, questions, and suggestions from readers, as good writing (and sane parenting) is a collaborative effort that takes a supportive tribe. I am very excited about this writing journey and equally grateful that you’ve chosen to come along with me. Together, we can navigate the bountiful world around us (and the world of parenting) much more happily and successfully!

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