5 Reasons Packing Cubes are a Must

5 Reasons Packing Cubes are a Must

I remember the first trip I ever used packing cubes on. My girls were still babies, and they shared a suitcase (they still do actually). I didn’t like the flustered feeling I got on our previous trip every time I needed one of their items—spending an extra 6 minutes wondering who’s sock was who’s, if I grabbed the right undershirt, etc. This takes away precious vacation time. And frankly, as a mom, ain’t nobody got time to be questioning sock ownership—I need to get the socks on their feet and head out the door.

I wanted to figure out a way to remedy this. I’d used Ziploc bags on a previous trip to separate and organize some of their items, but I wasn’t happy with them. I did some research about travel organization and the one suggestion that kept coming up was “packing cubes”. I’d never used them before, but decided to take a risk and order them. Though in this decade “taking a risk” simply means ordering something that’s not Prime eligible and waiting 4 days for shipping rather than two.

They came in and I got to work packing and using them right away in my own suitcase. I packed my clothes, stacked them in my suitcase, and couldn’t believe how much neater, more organized, and clean it looked. I knew where everything automatically was and my stuff wasn’t moving around everywhere when I turned the suitcase sideways. I FELL IN LOVE. I quickly ordered 3 more in different colors—one for each of us. Thank goodness for Prime shipping too, because we were leaving two days later.

I used them on that trip and another one soon after, and on every single trip after that. I haven’t even so much as went to a sleepover without them. I loved them for so many reasons, but here are 5:

  1. They keep your items organized, separated, and easy to find. No more digging through the luggage for blouses, underwear, t-shirts, baby onesies, swim clothes, and the dreaded socks. Packing Cubes keep all your items separated so your undergarments stay in that cube, socks and shoes in one cube, shirts in another, pants in another, etc. You could also separate by outfit types, costumes, etc. etc. The possibilities are totally endless and infinite. And exciting. This level of organization will make you feel like a travel pro.
  2. They actually do give you more luggage space. I was a bit skeptical of this at first, I’ll be honest. But these actually do work, and allow me not only to be an over-packer sometimes, but an extra over-packer. (I like shoes, okay; so what?)
  3. They’re necessary if you’re a parent. My girls easily share a luggage now using Packing Cubes. One daughter has the pink cubes, and the other one has the purple cubes. I can easily find their things and keep them separate. I also find them helpful for trips where multiple costumes and items are needed. On our Disney Cruises, while I’m packing in my house, I put all our pirate things in a cube so I can easily find it on pirate night. All the girls princess dresses go in another cube. Our costumes go in another. Our clothes for the Parks at Disney go in another. This way on our trip, at the moment I need them, I can easily grab the themed cube for that day with all our things in it and not spend extra time rummaging for my husband’s pirate shirt, my daughter’s pirate tights, etc. It’s all ready to go. When the night is done back in the cube they go, to be washed at home.
  4. Which brings me to the next point—They double as laundry bags: All our dirty laundry can easily be stored in a packing cube to be washed at home later. The dirty clothes don’t mix with our clean ones, and I can easily, and neatly, toss a cube in the laundry room at home as opposed to piles of clothes. Most of them are also waterproof so
  5. They keep hotel germs off your clothes, out of your suitcase, and away from your house. Hi, I’m Rana, and I have an obsessive fear of germs. (Maybe you already figured this out from one of my first TFTT posts about sanitizing kits?) I NEVER remove our clothes and place them in hotel drawers/cabinets. Why? Because wood can’t be changed, and odds are most hotel staff aren’t cleaning the inside of drawers. So instead I take the entire cube and place it in the drawer, which can easily be wiped down when I’m repacking again since it’s waterproof.

A few of my favorite brands are linked* down below:

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