Hello and Welcome Aboard!

Hello and Welcome Aboard!

I’m Rana Makki!

On behalf of traveling parents everywhere, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to my blog site.

Here you’ll discover great ideas for your next family vacation. You’ll also find tips, tricks, and hacks to actually make them stress-free and enjoyable—and help stop you from saying “I need a vacation from this vacation!” (We’ve all been there.)

My family and I love to travel often, and I’m sometimes known to be planning our next adventure even before our current flight has landed. These homebound flights land in the Mitten State, as I live in Southeast Michigan with my husband and two daughters.

When I’m not mommying my imperfectly behaved angels by land, air, or sea I can be found with a notebook and pen and hand, scribbling away my next writing idea. This blog is a product of one of those ideas, as a platform for other parents to gain positive insight about the world of family travel and other parent happenings. I often present to you our own past travel mistakes (so you don’t make them yourself), and how we learned and perfected them—to make coexisting and traveling with kids easy(er) and fun(ish).

While this blog’s suitcase is filled primarily with posts on family travel, other topics are strewn in as well—such as general lifestyle and parenting hacks, education related content as I’m a former elementary and writing teacher, funny parenting tidbits, and a few odds and ends needed for this always amazing—yet exhausting—trip called parenthood.

So now I invite you to fasten your seatbelt, use your electronic device, and peruse my blog—helping to return your ‘adult sanity’ to its proper upright position where it belongs. And remember, when necessary, do so in airplane mode.

Please enjoy your trip! 🙂

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